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Coach Barry Garner

I live in Peachtree City with my wife Kim and our three children (Jack Thompson, Truitt Thompson, and Katherine Thompson). I have been a REALTOR for 13 years in the Peachtree City community and currently work with a commercial real estate company, Southtree Commercial Real Estate, where I assist people with buying, selling, and leasing both commercial and residential properties.


I really love the game of football and wanted to stay as close as I could to the action even though I could not play football after high school. So, I tried out for cheerleading at the University of Tennessee in 1989 as a sophomore in college. Since that time, I have cheered and coach at most every level. I love to share my knowledge of cheerleading with the cheerleaders at McIntosh. I have enjoyed working with the teams! Here is a list of my cheerleading and coaching:

  • University of Tennessee Cheerleader - 1989-1992, 1994-1995

  • Universal Cheerleading Association – Staff 1989-1995

  • University of Tennessee Junior Varsity Cheerleading Coach - 1993-1994

  • Vanderbilt University Cheerleading Head Coach – 1995 & 1996 seasons

  • 1996 Olympics Opening Show – Cheerleading Performance

  • University of Tennessee Cheerleading Choreography Coach – 1997-1999

  • Tennessee Titans Cheerleader – 1997-2000

  • All-star Cheerleading Coach at a few different gyms from 1994-2010

  • McIntosh High School Cheerleading Community Coach 2013-2016, 2022

  • Coached numerous high schools, middle schools, and recreation league teams over the past 33 years of my cheerleading career


I can only hope that some of my knowledge of cheerleading has been beneficial to some of the cheerleaders I have coached. My favorite thing to share is that "we can control our attitudes and our effort, everything else will take care of itself."



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