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*Click on an event below and you will often see more details including location, times and information.

Print a copy of the schedule the way you would like to see it.


Select Week, Month or Agenda and select the print icon.

**Please remember this schedule can change at any time so your hard copy may not be accurate.  Always refer to the website.

By syncing your Google Calendar with the MHS Cheerleading Calendar - you will have all dates/times in your one Calendar and refreshed as changes occur.

Step One:  Sign into your Google Calendar Account

Step Two: In the left hand column, click the arrow next to "Other Calendars".

Step Three: Choose Add by URL. Enter the following URL:

Step Four: When you come back to your calendar page, make sure mcintoshcheerleading is highlighed. Only calendars you highlight show up. You should see MHS immediately on your calendar.

Step Five: Devices if you use Google Calendar on your phone, etc. You may need to select the dropdown menu on your left and make sure the mcintoshcheerleading schedule is highlighted here as well. 

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